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“The Art and Science of Training”

From pros to amateurs, Julie works with athletes of all ages to achieve their goals.  Whether it is a full season of racing, a single event, recovering from injury or building fitness for life, Julie creates personalized training plans to help you become your best athlete.

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Train Smart with a Purpose

Julie’s training philosophy is to train smart with purpose. Julie offers training plans for a single event, a season, recovering from injury, or building fitness for life. She uses performance data to create training plans incorporating the elements of strength, mobility, activation, endurance, and recovery. 

Julie offers a suite of services to maximize performance and minimize injury, including Gait Analysis, Bike Fit, Metabolic, Lactate, and VO2Max testing. These services are offered in partnership with the Kaiser Sports Endurance Lab.

 The benefit? Improved performance, lower injury, and less burnout.

Years experience

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Julie Young combines the art and science of training to help her clients become their best athlete. The art, is Julie’s years of experience as a competitive cyclist, runner, and nordic skier. The science, comes from Julie’s knowledge gained earning a master’s in sports science with concentration in human performance and sport nutrition, her work as the Sports Science Specialist at the Kaiser Sports Medicine Endurance Lab observing and testing athletes, and her experience as an international pro athlete working with some of the top coaches in the world.

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